New job, new people, new joy!

Who writes blog posts while doing treadmill cardio?? I DO! That’s right… I’m cool like that. ;)

Anyways… I’m going to pass the time with telling you about my new job.

I am a certified graphic designer with 3 1/2 years of training under my belt (done in Germany) and 3 years of working experience here in Canada. When we came to Canada I got a job at an advertising company right away, creating logos, vehicle decals, signs of all kinds, T-shirt print, sticker, business cards, mug prints and much more. I enjoyed that job a lot although it has been crazy amount of stress, sweat and overtime work. After 3 years I felt like I was worth getting paid more but with unwillingness of my back then boss I decided to go somewhere else where I’d get paid more even if that meant going away from graphic design doing something else.

I worked one year as a cleaner/janitor at our local leisure center and although it was disgusting at times and real hard physical labor… I loved it too. Then I went working at the cemetery for a few months and finally ended up at the roads and drainage department fixing potholes, traffic lights, painting the street and cleaning Calvert’s. I did not like that one bit. Have you ever experienced going to work in the morning wishing it would already be home time? Yeah… That was my life for a few months there! I got paid real good but I felt like crying Monday till Friday. Thank God I had a baby “shortly” after starting that job. I had a lot of time to think about what I want to do while being on maternity leave for a year. And I decided that I’d rather be getting paid less and going to a job that I actually like going to instead of being paid lots but hating every minute of my job.

So I quit my job at the end of my maternity leave and applied for new jobs that I could imagine myself to like.

3 months later I had a new job. Working for our local newspaper ad a graphic designer once again. Building ads and actually loving every minute of it. I’m serious! I mean… Of course I love being at home with my family but it’s not like I’m crying Sunday night about having to go to work the next day.

I guess a big part of this also is that I really like my co workers. Just today I said to them that I love having a big laugh every day where you barely can breath because you’re laughing so hard. I mean we laugh a lot at work… It’s a great work environment.

And a big plus is that I am excepted with all my tattoos, piercings, bright hair and stretched lobes.

It is less stressful, less sweat and less (no) overtime…

What can I say… I don’t complain about getting paid less because I now know that money isn’t everything that matters when it comes to work life! I absolutely see myself working in this job/company until retirement and that makes me happy. One less thing to worry about, right?!

If you want to see what newspaper I work for go search for “Estevan Mercury” on Facebook.

With that being said… Special Greetings to everyone that struggles with their job.

I’m done with my workout now :) thanks for “listening” …

Talk to you soon!


Decision made!

Sooooo… I didn’t get very many likes on my last post. In which I asked you to click like if you want me to keep writing blog posts. I actually got only one and one or two on Facebook. It’s actually pretty sad and if I’d be a pessimist or someone that gives up easily… That would be it. But luckily I’m an optimist that hardly ever gives up… Important to mention here is that I now have 5 new follower since my last post and that is exactly what sparked me right back up to keep doing it. So if you like it or not… Here I am again.

I tried to read some of my older posts to see where I had left off. I just want to update you on everything you might not know yet, unless you follow me on instagram our Facebook which I keep updated daily or so.

My daughter Mila turned 1 year old on January second. We didn’t have a big party. I baked and decorated some cakes and invited 4 of our friends with their kids over. We kept it pretty short as everybody of our guests had their own things to do that day, but that way it wasn’t overwhelming for my girl. She barely ate anything of her special birthday cake but the guests liked it and so did we. Here are photos…



Since it’s already mid April… Obviously she’s now already 1 year and 3 1/2 months old. She is 2’10” tall and just as big of a character. She is a lot of fun to be around as you can see


Hahaha…. I’m kidding… She does this because I laugh when she is putting her finger up her nose. I tell her not to do it but I guess it’s hard not to when you can make mommy laugh with it.

These are some photos I just took recently on the first nice days after winter.


Anyways… She’s such a good girl and so goofy.

What else… Uhm… Oh yeah… I finally got a new job!


You guessed it… An office job! I now work for our local news paper “Estevan Mercury” as a graphic designer. I started 3 weeks ago and I absolutely love it :) my co-worker are nuts (like me)… Which probably helps too. I can wear all my pretty, feminine clothes and shoes at work! Which makes me feel free! Thank goodness – no more steel toed boots, no more hardhats and no more safety vests. I’m loving it. :) [insert relieve sigh here]

With my weight loss… I’m still at it. Not at my goal yet but I’m at fact now that I can’t go by weight anymore. I’ve gained so much muscle mass that I’m actually heavier than before but I’m slightly slimmer than before. Pants are starting to fit better and better. Still got a lot of body fat to lose but I’m working in it. I have yet to take new progress photos! And then I’ll probably write a whole blog post about it again.

I think that is all as of right now… :) it’s late at night, I have to work tomorrow, so I should probably catch some sleep.



Keep blogging or not to ?

That is the big question!

I have been MIA for quite a while now and now I wonder if there is anybody out there still wanting to read blog posts from me?

If you do… Please click like !

Breastfeeding. Why it is okay NOT to!

After depression, way back when, then feeling better about it and now strongly believing that I did it perfectly right. Yes I did!


Breastfeeding is a huge deal online and offline. If you’re about to become a new mom, you’ve probably been already asked a million times if you are going to breast feed. The pressure is on. Of course, every new mom wants THE BEST for her new little precious family addition and everyone just knows… the milk produce of your breasts is just simply the best for your baby. You probably will going to make the promise to your unborn that he’ll/she’ll get what she deserves, only the best,  breast milk. Which is a good thing.


What buggs me about this is, that the people that tell you that you SHOULD breastfeed also tell you that breastfeeding will give you the very special bond between you and the baby. I call that BULLSHIT! Seriously… you don’t think I can have a special tight bond with my baby while holding him or her tightly and lovingly in my arms and holding the bottle to feed? I still hold the baby lovingly, I still have eye contact, I still cuddle and talk calmly to the baby. Why should that not give us the special bond that you get from breastfeeding? Skin to skin you say? Yes… absolutely… I can have skin to skin as well… I can bottle feed naked… I can cuddle naked, I can co-bath naked… and we can nap naked.


So here is what I did…. Baby Mila didn’t latch well after she was born. She had her lungs and filled with slime and it was plain uncomfortable for her. After about 12 hours of not drinking (in which I was pumping my breast milk) the nurses bottle fed her with my breast milk. After that… she happily took the bottle every few hours.


And I did NOT wake her for feedings. Babies naturally wake when they are hungry (unless they are born premature) and despite the nurses giving me shit for not waking her every 3 to 4 hours to feed her she did very well. Babies need their sleep and I believe you should never wake a sleeping baby, this will only create sleep issues for the future. But I’m drifting off from my original topic.


Anyways… the nurses were still pressuring me to try to latch her, which I did …and I tell you what… I DID NOT LIKE IT! … That’s right. I did not like the feeling of her sucking on my breast. So why would I force it? Babies feel when their mom is unhappy. Why should I do something that is uncomfortable for me? It did hurt a little and yes… from all corners of breast feeding moms and nurses and who knows who else came forward to tell me that “the hurt will go away…keep doing it…you will get used to it” … what nobody understood was that it wasn’t just the wee little hurt that I didn’t like… I just didn’t like the whole “holding baby to breast and stuff my nipple in her mouth” thing… seriously. It felt very awkward. I still pumped my breasts, so I definitely dealt with the hurt (and I didn’t get used to it and the pain didn’t get less).


I was very happy with feeding her with baby bottles, not only because I was getting rid of the awkward feeling, also because my husband was able to gain the special bond with our daughter while holding her lovingly, cuddle and make eye contact, talk to her while feeding her and I was able to get some well deserved rest and sleep!!! I never ended up sleep deprived…because a. I let her sleep for as long as she wanted (which always has been at least 5 hours in a row) and b. my husband and I took turns…he fed at night and I fed during the day. that way he was able to sleep longer in the morning and nap during the day and I was able to sleep through the night.


I pumped my milk for 4 weeks. Because I slept through the night, my supply was getting less and less and I also had to take stronger medicine that wasn’t good for breastfeeding. At first I felt bad and depressed about giving her formula but once my milk supply was completely gone and my breasts didn’t hurt anymore I started to feel better… then realizing that I have given her the most important part in breast feeding, which is the colostrum that has all the most important antibodies, I accepted that it was okay to formula feed.


I tell you what…. I have planned to do the exact same thing again with my next child. Pumping breast milk for as long as possible and bottle feeding it to her and once we don’t have enough milk anymore then I will switch over to formula.


It’s all good… don’t stress if you don’t like to latch your baby onto your breast, don’t stress if you don’t produce enough milk anymore at some point and have to go over to formula. I feel that it is important that the baby gets your colostrum but it’s fine after that.


My baby grew big and strong, she is very smart and well advanced with all her milestones. Her pediatrician is impressed and nurses said “whatever you do, keep doing it because it is working”  AND we do have a very special bond, strong love and need for each other.


… Don’t let people pressure you into trying over and over again, going against your own feelings, enduring loads of pain. Some women’s nipple are less sensitive than others and so it will feel different for every single woman. If you love breast feeding, that’s good as well…keep doing it for as long as you want. If you don’t like it…then don’t do it.


End of story!

Hello 2014, Bye Bye 2013 !!!

Say Whaaaat !? Can you believe it? One whole year has already passed! I mean.. hello… that’s 12 Months! That’s 52 weeks, that’s 356 days and 8765.81 hours or also 525949 minutes if you will…and if you are VERY to the point… that makes 31,536,000 seconds…


Can anyone tell me where that all went that quick? I have a hard time to face it. I mean… 2013 was one of the best years of my life (with one exception). The biggest, BESTEST part of 2013 is that we did welcome our beautiful, smart and healthy baby girl right in the beginning of the year. Boy how that changed our life’s and boy did that ever change our view on the kids topic.

Mario quit his old job and went right to his long time dream of working for the coal mine.

We finally took our citizenship test and passed it with flying colors in mid 2013. Not too long after, we attended the citizenship ceremony, officially became Canadian and received our new, Canadian passports shortly after.

My hair grew long again, after I had it cut pixie short in December 2011. I dyed it the color I always loved and will keep it from now on.

I have gotten many more awesome Tattoos… which is when I met two very funny, awesome and cute female Tattoo Artists.

I FINALLY got myself into getting some contact lenses. In the beginning of the glasses wearing and eye surgery part of my life I have been told that I will never be able to wear contact lenses as they would fall out because of my lazy (crossed) eye. This year I clearly noticed that my eyes are straight. I don’t know why the sudden they seemed constantly straight because they clearly were not in the past years… anyhow… I’m now a happy wearer of contact lenses. :)

We spend 2013 Christmas with our first child, which was very special.

Unfortunately…we had to say goodbye to one beloved friend, which not only was a friend, he was a step dad to me, he was the step-dad-in-law for Mario, he was father to his son, brother to his sister and most importantly … he was the partner and soul mate of my mom. He was a great person that was loved dearly. He was in his late 50’s. His passing was sudden, unexpected and tragic. It is still surreal to me, I still forget for a moment that he is not in this world no more. Gerald, You are missed dearly, we love you, always will and we will be looking forward to the day we will meet again. May your soul rest in peace and be in gods bright, white light.

All in all, 2013 was very special, but 2014 will be great too. We finally arranged for our parents to come visit us end of August 2014! I quit my job as a city worker that I absolutely disliked but wasn’t able to get into an office job within the city which I would have liked much more. But that only gives me the chance to get either back into a graphic design job or any other office job in 2014, which I for a fact know I will love much more than fixing pot holes, changing light bulbs on traffic lights, cleaning out catch basins and shoveling snow.

And… in only one more day we will celebrate little Mila’s fist birthday!!!!!! Eek. How did that happen? Honestly… I feel like I just gave birth to her 4 months ago, and in a day she goes from baby to toddler!

On another note, this blog was viewed 8.100 times in 2013, I wrote 87 new posts and the most views at once I had in march with 150 views! People seem to be most interested in my tattoo and piercing as well as weight loss talk. Some visitors came searching, mostly for tattooed people, protein desserts, mama june weight loss, and …. now get this… anal stretching ring. Uhhh… yeah… ;)

I thank you all SO MUCH for your interest and your support in 2013 and I hope ya’ll stick with me in 2014.

We say goodbye to 2013 with a teary eye, but we welcome 2014 with open arms and open mind!

We wish you all the best for 2014, may it be better yet than 2013.

Photo of December 24th, 2013


About St Nicholas and his legend


December 6 is when Germany celebrates “Nikolaus day”. A day prior Parents make their kids thoroughly clean at least one pair of shoes, mostly boots, and at night when kids are in bed asleep parents will sneak out and put candy in the freshly cleaned boots. Nowadays parents also like to put small toys in with some candy but when I grew up it only has been chocolate and other candy. Next morning kids wake up and freak out over all the goods that Nikolaus brought them. Here is the religious story of this special day that Canadians don’t celebrate.

Originally posted on Expat Since Birth:

Sinterklaas or Nikolaus, San Nicola etc. in European countries is based on the legendary figure of St Nicholas. Born in 271 AD to a rich Greek family in Asia Minor in in the city of Patara (Lycia et Pamphylia), he was very religious from an early age. His parents died by an epidemic while Nicholas was still very young and he was raised by his uncle (also named Nicholas), the bishop of Patara. ” He tonsured the young Nicholas as a reader and later ordained him a presbyter (priest). “(wikipedia) Nicholas decided to distribute his wealth to the poor and become a priest. Later he became the Arch Bishop of Myra, a place near the city of Anatolia in Turkey.

He had the reputation for secret gift-giving, such as putting coins in the shoes of those who left them out for him and became the model…

View original 697 more words

Done and over with!!

If I remember right, I had told you about the upcoming  citizenship test that we had to take in order to receive Canadian  citizenship, but I hadn’t told you the outcome yet. I didn’t tell on purpose because I wanted to “deliver the whole package”, if you will. Lol

So on July 12 of 2013 we went to take the test. We studied real hard for it because we were scared shitless that nothing would stick and we’d sit there like total loser and not knowing the answers. Well… We were so wrong. The both of us actually answered all 20 (out of 20) questions correctly! I believe you have to answer 15 correctly. Relatives weren’t allowed to sit next to each other. So Mario sat on one end of the table and I sat on the very far end of the table. Every other person has the same question. The person next to me (as well as Mario) had very different questions. So smart.

We were told that we now only have to wait for the citizenship ceremony invitation which happened to arrive at the end of September. Our ceremony was on October 2nd, 2013. The invitation said to appear in business attire and so we had some shopping to do as I didn’t have one dress in my closet because I haven’t worn one in probably 13 years because of body image issues. Mario didn’t have a suit either. Some hundred dollar later we were set to be stunning looking for the very special day.


We didn’t dare to take any photos at the actual ceremony. Don’t even know if it was allowed or not. But the first two hours were discussion. What brought us here. Where we came from. What we expected. What really happened and so on and so on. And the third hour was the actually ceremony with left hand up in the air and then saying the oath and then everybody would be called out to come up front and shake hands while getting our citizenship certificate handed. After that we sang the Canadian anthem (which btw. We both studied as well and were able to sing without the help of the little anthem lyric paper that we got) and that basically was it. :) you can’t see but I’m holding my certificate in my hands. Proud as a Canadian can be!


The new Canadians….


It was a nice and exciting day.

And guess what came in the mail today!!!


Our Canadian passports. :) so cool! Still can’t really believe it! Somebody pinch me… Am I dreaming?

We’re happy and relieved that it is done and over with. Of course… Were also a wee little heavy hearted (but really not much) thinking about Germany. As Germany does not allow dual  citizenship we are now only Canadians but we didn’t plan to move back to Germany anyways… So I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Now to find a new job for me. That’s the next big deal for me and my life (and something else that I will tell you about later ;) )

Happy hump day and I wish you lots of strength to pull through the last two work days of this week.


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