My Top 5 Pet Peeves (Part 1)

As I’m a pretty laid back person I don’t really have many things that annoy me, but I believe there probably are more than 5. There just must be. Lol. That’s why I called it “part 1″ as I’m working on figuring out part two. Lol

My very first pet peeve is something my husband is doing to me A LOT. Drives me nuts.

1. Getting no answer to what I was saying.

It doesn’t have to be a question to get at least a short answer to show me that you heard what I said and that you care! I’m talking and talking and then I’m done talking and waiting for response. But he says not one word. Not even an “oh I see” not an “ah” not a “hm” …. Not one little peep. I feel very ignored and that just bugs me. He would HATE when I would do that to him, but I’m too respectful to do something like that.

2. Messy cupboards.

I’m not talking about anybody else’s cupboards but mine! Not sure if this happens to you guys too, but I can clean them out and rearrange and make it all nice and neat and organized… Two days later it is all back to being messy! Garrr… Drives me nuts. I should try and make it a habit to organize them every single night. But then again… I’m a. Too lazy and b. I have other priorities.

3. Drama people.

Since I’m so laid back…I can’t stand people that make a big drama out of everything and everyone they can find. I will always separate from those kind of people because they pull me down and I hate that feeling. If you think the world turns just around you and you are ignorant and overly self loving then please stay away from me.

4. Last sheets of disinfecting wipes getting all bunched up in the container.

This happens all the freakin time! As soon as I’m about to reach the end of the disinfecting wipes it bunches up and I have to open the thing and pull them apart and put it all back. I believe that they do that on purpose maybe, so you won’t be surprised that you just ran out of disinfecting wipes but it is very annoying to me.

… which brings me to my last point…

5. Having to rinse the disinfecting stuff off the surfaces.

Whyyyy? Why do people create disinfecting wipes where I have to additionally wash off the disinfecting stuff? I didn’t even know you have to rinse after wiping with disinfecting wipes or sprays until I saw a commercial about that. I was shocked and checked if the label on my wipes says anything about rinsing and there it was! Like wtf? You make a convenience inconvenient! Therefore I found something that is natural, disinfecting and safe for kids and pets that you don’t have to rinse!!! for things that my child comes in contact with and the rest I still use the regular wipes and still not rinsing anything. In case you are interested to know what natural, safe disinfecting I found… It’s called Dapple :) You can buy it at several online sites but I buy it at :)

… Let me know your biggest pet peeves in a comment below!

I wish you a great start in a new week.


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2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Pet Peeves (Part 1)

  1. Kerstin @ Auer Life October 6, 2013 at 10:35 pm Reply

    What, you have to rinse after using disinfecting wipes? wtf? I didn’t know that either.
    My pet peeves include not replacing the empty toilet paper roll and putting an empty milk carton back into the fridge…
    And drama, yes that’s way up on my list as well!

    • anna_lu_lu October 6, 2013 at 10:38 pm Reply

      Ohhhh… The toilet paper roll! Yes… Also one of my pet peeves! I never had the empty milk carton thing happening though! Lol. And yes! Check on your disinfecting product if it says something about rinsing after! I’m using either Lysol or Kirkland wipes! I gotta check but I believe even green works says it, not sure on that one though.

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