How I Straighten My Hair

Wow… time flies. I don’t seem to be getting back into a healthy, regular blogging routine. I just realized that my last blog post was on October 13 which was almost a month ago already. Say whaaaat? I want to make a commitment here. I will try to write one (1) blog post each week. I just WILL have to make time for that.


Anyways, I’m hoping you guys had a great Halloween this year. Ours was just okay. I was expecting a ton of kids. As every year. I bought tons and tons of candy. With little miss Mila being a routine lover I didn’t want to get in a hassle of having to do her night routine, being all by myself and having to run to the door a hundred times. So I made a little sign that said that I wouldn’t be able to open the door and that they please just should take some candy out of the bowls I had set outside. I asked them to be nice and not take it all because I was worried that some teens just grab the whole bowl BUT …that was a big mistake because I ended up having more than half of the candies left after Halloween. Now I just wish someone would have just taken the whole thing. lol.


But now I want to come to the actual blog topic of today of how I straighten my hair. I know… it sounds like something that doesn’t need a whole blog post and I totally agree because it is very very simple and easy and not much to it, but I’ve been asked a few times about it and I also find many youtube videos about it so I guess it’s something that some people are just interested in knowing how others do it the quickest and easiest.


Heat settings vary with the differences in hair textures. My hair is very fine and so I don’t need to use the highest heat setting and I only do one pass with each strand, which is the best you can do. Naturally my hair is a wavy, frizzy mess. I always let it air dry and it curls here and there and isn’t as frizzy but as soon as I brush it, it just turns into a frizzy wavy mess. There was a time where I didn’t brush my hair because I just liked the cleaner curls that occur after air drying but after a few days they get very tangled up and knotty. So (a) I can’t go without brushing and resulting (b) can’t go without straightening because brushing without straightening is just looking hideous!


So here we go….

I’m using the Paul Mitchell pro tools express ion 1.0 … That one you can only but in hair salons. This one did cost me $300


… But well worth it’s money because it has one specific, special feature that I couldn’t find in any other straightener yet. Mine has two rubber strips along one of the heat plates which controls fly aways BIG time and so your hair will look super shiny and healthy.


This is my heat setting…


You’ll also need a comb with a long handle and a brush and a clamp like this…


First I brush my hair, then comb it to completely untangle it.



Then I use the combs handle to part my hair.



I take a section as wide as my straightener can handle and comb once again. Then I’ll make one pass with the straightener, comb again and then take the next section beside which is right on the back of my head.





Then I let down another layer of hair and work on those sections. Usually I have two to three sections in a row and I have about 4 layer from bottom to top.

I only do one half of my head first…


And then I do the exact same on the other half of my head. Start on the bottom and work my way up


The finished hair will look like this…


Trust me… It sounds more complicated than it is. It takes only 10 – 15 minutes for me to do this.

If you are looking to buy a straightener, try not to cheap out. I had a cheap Walmart one before and it was nothing compared to this one. I’m using this one now since 4 years and about 2 to 3 times a week! And it still is going strong like it was new. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

With that being the end of my story…
Have a great week guys!

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2 thoughts on “How I Straighten My Hair

  1. Sarah November 5, 2013 at 8:38 am Reply

    You just made that process way simpler for me :)

    • anna_lu_lu November 5, 2013 at 9:24 am Reply

      Awe! Nice! That makes me happy :) makes me feel like posting this was worth it! Yay. Thank you for letting me know! :)

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